Korean Diabetes Journal 1983;7(1):77-84.
A Clinical Observation on the Complications of Diabetes mellitus
Moon kyu Lee , Yung Whan Jung , Am Woo Won , Kee Up Lee , Soo Bong Choi , Sung Yun Kim , Hong Kyu Lee , Hun Ki Min
원저 : 당뇨병의 합병증에 대한 관찰
이문규 , 정영환 , 원암우 , 이기업 , 최수봉 , 김성연 , 이홍규 , 민헌기
Serum Iipids Ievel and lipoprotein patterns were studied in 70 nornal Korcans and 314 Korean diabetic patients to observe the effects of age, blood sugar level, duratian of diabetes, vasculer complications, body weight, family histiory and treatment for excellent control on serum lipids and lipoprotein: patterns. The results are summarized as follws: 1) The mean values of serum lipids exccpt phospholipid in Kcrean diabetic patients, which were 209.0 +- 47.9 mg% for cholesterol, 117. 3 +-42.6mg% for phosphoIpid, 162.8 +- 9.1mg% for triglyceride and 604.6+-143.8mg% for total lipid were highier significantly than the mean values in normal Korean, which were 182.2 +-45.4mg%,, 173. 7+-40. 9mg%, 118.9+-30.2mg% and 520.3+-149.3mg% respectively. 2) The mean values of serum lipoprotein patterns in Korean diabetic patienit.s, which were 38. 4+- 10.7%.for a-lipoprotein, 14. 7+- 6.9% for pre- b-lipopratein and 46.7 +- 10. 4%, for b-lipoprotein were not different from the mean values in normaI Korean, which were 40.9+-8.4%, 12.4+-3.9% and 46.9+-7.2% respectively. 3) The serum lipids levels of Korean diabetic patients were influenced by age, bIood sugar level, duration of diabetes, body weight and vascular complications, but not by family histroy and treatment methods control of diabetes. 4) ln diabetic patienst with higher blood sugar level or overweight, there was decrease in a-lipopretein .fraction and incresse in pre-b-lipoprotein, though no significant difference in serum lipoprotein patterns were present.

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