Current Status of Diabetes Management in Korea Using National Health Insurance Database.
Seok Won Park (Park SW), Dae Jung Kim (Kim DJ), Kyung Wan Min (Min KW), Sei Hyun Baik (Baik SH), Kyung Mook Choi (Choi KM), Ie Byung Park (Park IB), Jeong Hyun Park (Park JH), Hyun Shik Son (Son HS), Chul Woo Ahn (Ahn CW), Jee Young Oh (Oh JY), Juneyoung Lee (Lee J), Choon Hee Chung (Chung CH), Jaiyong Kim (Kim J), Hwayoung Kim (Kim H)
Korean Diabetes J. 2007;31(4):362-367.   Published online 2007 Jul 1     DOI:
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