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Sang-Baek Koh  (Koh SB) 1 Article
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Increased Serum Angiopoietin-Like 6 Ahead of Metabolic Syndrome in a Prospective Cohort Study
Jun Namkung, Joon Hyung Sohn, Jae Seung Chang, Sang-Wook Park, Jang-Young Kim, Sang-Baek Koh, In Deok Kong, Kyu-Sang Park
Diabetes Metab J. 2019;43(4):521-529.   Published online March 29, 2019
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Despite being an anti-obesity hepatokine, the levels of serum angiopoietin-like 6 (ANGPTL6) are elevated in various metabolic diseases. Thus, ANGPTL6 expression may reflect metabolic burden and may have compensatory roles. This study investigated the association between serum ANGPTL6 levels and new-onset metabolic syndrome.


In total, 221 participants without metabolic syndrome were randomly selected from a rural cohort in Korea. Baseline serum ANGPTL6 levels were measured using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Anthropometric and biochemical markers were analyzed before and after follow-up examinations.


During an average follow-up period of 2.75 (interquartile range, 0.76) years, 82 participants (37.1%) presented new-onset metabolic syndrome and had higher ANGPTL6 levels before onset than those without metabolic syndrome (48.03±18.84 ng/mL vs. 64.75±43.35 ng/mL, P=0.001). In the multivariable adjusted models, the odds ratio for the development of metabolic syndrome in the highest quartile of ANGPTL6 levels was 3.61 (95% confidence interval, 1.27 to 10.26). The use of ANGPTL6 levels in addition to the conventional components improved the prediction of new-onset metabolic syndrome (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve: 0.775 vs. 0.807, P=0.036).


Increased serum ANGPTL6 levels precede the development of metabolic syndrome and its components, including low high density lipoprotein, high triglyceride, and high glucose levels, which have an independent predictive value for metabolic syndrome.


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