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Hak Yeon Bae  (Bae HY) 3 Articles
Comparison of Vildagliptin and Pioglitazone in Korean Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Inadequately Controlled with Metformin
Jong Ho Kim, Sang Soo Kim, Hong Sun Baek, In Kyu Lee, Dong Jin Chung, Ho Sang Sohn, Hak Yeon Bae, Mi Kyung Kim, Jeong Hyun Park, Young Sik Choi, Young Il Kim, Jong Ryeal Hahm, Chang Won Lee, Sung Rae Jo, Mi Kyung Park, Kwang Jae Lee, In Joo Kim
Diabetes Metab J. 2016;40(3):230-239.   Published online April 5, 2016
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We compared the efficacies of vildagliptin (50 mg twice daily) relative to pioglitazone (15 mg once daily) as an add-on treatment to metformin for reducing glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels in Korean patients with type 2 diabetes.


The present study was a multicenter, randomized, active-controlled investigation comparing the effects of vildagliptin and pioglitazone in Korean patients receiving a stable dose of metformin but exhibiting inadequate glycemic control. Each patient underwent a 16-week treatment period with either vildagliptin or pioglitazone as an add-on treatment to metformin.


The mean changes in HbA1c levels from baseline were –0.94% in the vildagliptin group and –0.6% in the pioglitazone group and the difference between the treatments was below the non-inferiority margin of 0.3%. The mean changes in postprandial plasma glucose (PPG) levels were –60.2 mg/dL in the vildagliptin group and –38.2 mg/dL in the pioglitazone group and these values significantly differed (P=0.040). There were significant decreases in the levels of total, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein (HDL), and non-HDL cholesterol in the vildagliptin group but increases in the pioglitazone group. The mean change in body weight was –0.07 kg in the vildagliptin group and 0.69 kg in the pioglitazone group, which were also significantly different (P=0.002).


As an add-on to metformin, the efficacy of vildagliptin for the improvement of glycemic control is not inferior to that of pioglitazone in Korean patients with type 2 diabetes. In addition, add-on treatment with vildagliptin had beneficial effects on PPG levels, lipid profiles, and body weight compared to pioglitazone.


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Response: Clinical Marker of Platelet Hyperreactivity in Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes Metab J 2013;37:423-8)
Jin Hwa Kim, Hak Yeon Bae, Sang Yong Kim
Diabetes Metab J. 2014;38(2):160-161.   Published online April 18, 2014
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Clinical Marker of Platelet Hyperreactivity in Diabetes Mellitus
Jin Hwa Kim, Hak Yeon Bae, Sang Yong Kim
Diabetes Metab J. 2013;37(6):423-428.   Published online December 12, 2013
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AbstractAbstract PDFPubReader   

Atherothrombotic complications are important causes of morbidity and mortality in diabetic patients. Diabetes has been considered to be a prothrombotic status. Several factors contribute to the prothrombotic condition, such as increasing coagulation, impaired fibrinolysis, endothelial dysfunction, and platelet hyperreactivity. Among the factors that contribute to the prothrombotic status in diabetes, altered platelet function plays a crucial role. Although understanding platelet function abnormalities in diabetes still remains as a challenge, more attention should be focused on platelet function for effective management and the prediction of atherothrombotic events in diabetic patients. This review will provide an overview on the current status of knowledge of platelet function abnormalities and clinical marker of platelet hyperreactivity in patients with diabetes.


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